Yulin Dog Meat Festival….!!!!!

Much to the outrage of animal lovers across the world, the city of Yulin, in China, has become the site of a sickening dog meat eating festival. But what does it reflect in us?


The Yulin dog meat festival actually only began in 2010. It was started by dog meat traders as a way to boost business, but has quickly attracted the ire of the international community.

As distressing as the news is, there is comfort to be found in the extraordinary mainstream media coverage and the public outrage that is accompanying it. Worldwide, concern for animals and their welfare is on the rise — as is the public’s determination to force positive change.

Brilliant campaign work by Animals Asia and Humane Society International has given global recognition to the victims of this event. This follows years of investigations and on-the-ground work by Animals Asia to end the trade of dogs and cats for food.

yulin So intense has the international pressure become to end the Yulin dog meat festival that last year the city of Yulin itself vowed to not support the festival. It still went ahead. But fortunately, fewer dogs were slaughtered.

Since then, Yulin authorities have attempted to appease the international community by claiming the event would be cancelled entirely — but investigations have revealed that the cruel festival continues.

With high profile celebrity support and petitions now reaching the millions (you can sign one here), the unprecedented international pressure on Yulin to permanently cancel the dog eating festival may soon be successful.

yulinWe too have been raised into a society that has normalised the slaughter and consumption of highly intelligent domestic animals — animals who are capable of experiencing fear and suffering — animals who will show affection, if given the chance. But rather than ‘dogs’ and ‘cats’, we call them ‘pigs’, ‘lambs’, ‘cows’ and ‘chickens’.

We will create a kinder, more caring society for ourselves if we can all widen our circle of compassion to those we have been taught to think of as ‘food’, rather than ‘friend’.

yulinLike people in China who value dogs only for their meat, many of us have simply never been given the opportunity to appreciate ‘food’ animals for the unique and curious individuals that they are

An estimated 10-20 million dogs are killed for human consumption every year in China.