New Delhi:  Shatrughan Sinha seemed to turn the latest Rajini joke into a spot of advice for the mega star as he urged him today to take the plunge into politics. In multiple tweets, the BJP lawmaker said Rajinikanth must not join any political party and should instead let others join him.

Hailing the actor as the “Titanic Hero of Tamil Nadu and son of India,” Mr Sinha said, “The people are with you and ready to join Superstar Rajini and instead of joining anyone, it is best when others join you.” It sounded a lot like a Whatsapp joke that says the BJP should join Rajinikanth and not the other way round.

Mr Sinha’s party has extended several invitations to Rajinikanth, both direct and oblique, to join the politics and also the party if he so pleases. The actor has not said yes. He has not said no either. Last week, he hinted in a speech to fans at an event in Chennai that he is ready for politics.

Shatrughan Sinha, 71, who speaks from experience as an actor who tuned politician, joined Rajinikanth’s millions of fans in assessing that the time is right for the 66-year-old superstar to join politics – the sooner the better, he said. “Rise, Rise, Rise!! It’s high time and the right time! Nation is waiting with bated breath for Superstar Rajini’s leap into constructive politics to shape the future of your people and nation,” the BJP leader said.

Shatrughan Sinha’s own place in the BJP seems precarious, though it has been that way for a while now mostly owing to his unbridled criticism of the party and its leaders in public. On Twitter this week, he has engaged in an aggressive battle of words with the BJP’s top leader in Bihar Sushil Modi, after the latter suggested that Mr Sinha, a lawmaker from the state, be sacked for defending rival politicians like Lalu Yadav of the RJD and Aam Aadmi Party’s Arvind Kejriwal, both accused of corruption.

Mr Sinha’s last word on that was, “Shame, Shame.” He also tweeted on Wednesday, “In what capacity has he asked for my expulsion? Before casting aspersions, he must look within himself &his diminished .personality & performance. It’s high time & right time he must learn a lesson – or be taught a lesson by our party high command.”

To Rajinikanth today Mr Sinha said, “You can bank on me. I’m bankable, dependable and available to you – anytime and every time. Regards to your family and long live Superstar Rajini.”