Sunil Grover at His Best

Rinku has been on the headlines from past days for leaving The Kapil Sharma Show. They Had a fight where he was badly insulted by Kapil Sharma who was hghly drunk.

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There has been a huge controversy about him leaving the show and then giving him the position of kapil sharma. He has been exceptionally good while doing his roles as Gutthi, Dr Mashoor Gulati, Rinku Bhabhi etc but he never got what he deserves. He is one whole army as a comedian who can take over the entire show to a next level. I dont know what happened with him or what is happening is right, wrong or justfied but he definitely deserves a Huge platform on an international level.

Here is one hilarious proof of  the talent of this amazing artist starring a song as Rinku Bhabhi. As i said above he is someone who can take a concept to another level that too alone. Similarly, in this video he is singing dancing and starring the entire song which made it all the more best one to watch

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