Sonu Nigam has been taking over the headlines since last few days after he triggered a debate by tagging Azaan as “forced religiousness.”

Sonu Nigam says “Creating violence in the name of religion is a felony”

Continuing the tweet dispute regarding AZAAN , Sonu Nigam has gone bald against Fatwa. Sonu Nigam had announced to shave his head at the press conference after the announcement of giving reward for issuing fatwa. 

The famous hair stylist Alim was invited for this. He mentioned that i am not creating any dispute, i am just showing that i am with my Muslim brothers as it is a Muslim who is cutting my hair.

One of the Muslim leader had announced it also that who so ever will cut Sonu Nigam’s Hair, he/she will get a reward of one lac.

In one of his statement for the justification started from AZAAN controversy, Sonu said ,”I have mentioned Temple and Gurduwara also. I believe that loud speaker should not be present on religious places. There are so many Muslim people around me. I am not at all against Muslims. My views has been presented in a wrong way.”

This whole controversy started when Sonu Nigam tweeted on AZAAN. On Monday morning Sonu Nigam tweeted, “May GOD bless everyone. I am not a Muslim and neither did i need Azaan in the morning to wake me up. ”

So many people from Bollywood started tweeting against him. Sajid-wajid , Aezan Khan, Sonu Sood and Pooja Bhatt has shown their anger on the tweet.